Winter Community Clinics 2016-2017

FREE Winter Community Clinic Series: “Sunday School”

Winter Kayak Clinic

Brought to you by Alder Creek & Ninkasi Brewing

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As a service to our paddling community, we want to invite you out for our FREE Winter Community Clinics. Come ‘geek’ out with us at Alder Creek each month this winter! Summer around the shop can be a hectic time. When the rain returns and the rest of the country pack their boats and boards away for the winter, we are just getting started! In the Pacific Northwest people go paddling ALL year long!

For many years now, local experts, guest speakers, and Alder Creek staff have teamed up to provide these free, informative, and interactive clinics. This year we are trying a new extended format so we can expand on the ideas and bring you EVEN MORE knowledge and fun.

Ninkasi Brewing has joined in the fun again this season with new flavors! They have generously donated some of their finest brews to enjoy together as we soak in the knowledge. So, treat yourself and come check out “Sunday School” clinics at our Jantzen Beach location every month this winter. Bring a friend or the whole family. The more the merrier!!!

It’s all free. No registration required. Just turn up and enjoy the knowledge, snacks, and yummy brews!


This new format features multiple modules that we’ll work through.
Come late, leave early, or heck, stay for the whole thing!
Select Sundays.


December 18th “Winter Paddling Essentials”

-Dressing for Winter Paddling
-Loading & Transporting your Boat or Board
-Local Winter Paddling Destinations!


February 12th  “Capturing the Trip of  a Lifetime”

-Photography for Paddlers
-Trip Planning for British Columbia
-Packing your Sea Kayak


Updated February 26th  “Whitewater Beatering 101”

-Pin Kits and Mechanical Advantage
-Video Review and Safety Discussion
-Plastic Welding


March 12th  “Sea Kayak Carnage Control”

-Signalling and Communication
-Field Repair
-Stretching & Strengthening for Recovery


April 2nd  “Cooking up the Currents”

-Dutch Oven Cooking
-Tidal Currents