West Coast PNA / BCU "Week" 2016







West Coast PNA / BCU “Week”2016 Schedule has been built!  The event this year will be bigger and better than ever!!!  Plan to attend the whole event or come and pick off the courses and certifications you need the most.

Sign up for each offering by clicking the calendar on the day the program begins. 

September 26th to October 6th 2016

We have some AMAZING coaches on the way from all over the world!!

Dave Rossetter (Scotland)

Rob Yates (S. Africa)

John Carmody (Maine, USA)

Mark Tozer (Wales)

Matt Nelson

(Orcas Island, WA)

Jeff Laxier (Mendocino, CA)

Shawna Franklin (Orcas Island, WA)

Karl Andersson (Portland, OR)

Participants will sign up for each PNA / BCU week program individually.  Prices are set low and only cover the cost of the program itself.

Food, lodging, and bcu fees are not included.  Please be prepared to make arrangements for your own necessities. Most classes are centered around Fort Stevens on the Oregon Coast near Astoria or Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe in Portland. Details of class locations will be confirmed at reservation.

Agan, BCU fees, food, lodging, and any other expenses are not included. Please make reservations at Fort Steven’s State Park or local hotel. There are many lodging options in and around the Portland area for the inland programs. The State park has camping, yurts, and cabins for rent. If lodging is an issue for you please let us know and we will try to have a group camping area that is VERY affordable.

*Be sure to review the syllabus for each course and complete ALL prerequisites. Some courses require approval and stamped forms that need to be done well in advance. Visit www.paddlesportsnorthamerica.com for specific details.

You can also email info@paddlesportsnorthamerica.org

ALL LR/CR forms will need to be delivered to the PNA for approval by September 16!!!!! Do NOT be late.