A heart felt, “Thank You”

Last weekend I attended the Full Immersion 1 Class with Chris. I want to send a heart felt, “Thank You”, for a great class and an awesome instructor. From the first minutes in the pool Thursday night to take the out Sunday afternoon, Chris was always the instructor with tips, advice, knowledge and a positive attitude.

I’m not good with names but Sunday another instructor (Andrew) joined us with past students and he also was extremely on his game with ideas and challenges. It was great having the company on our paddle and each person seemed to add to the experience.

I also want to thank staff in helping me get the right gear and boat. I used it all and felt very comfortable in the purchase. I’ll always be back for classes and gear.

Oh, and thank you for loaning me the dry suit and a pair of booties. I’ll have them hanging up cleaned and dry and will bring them back that way when my new suit comes in.

Thank you all

By aldermr