Enjoyed the Full Immersion II Sea Kayak Class

Brian and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how very much we enjoyed the Full Immersion II Sea Kayak class this past weekend. Malcolm and Steve are a terrific team.

This is our third class with Malcolm. His knowledge, skills, patience and gift for teaching continue to impress us. Steve was an invaluable addition – his obvious love of the sport is positively infectious.

The two and a half days provided us with plenty of practice to sharpen familiar skills such as boat control, edging and group awareness. We also learned a whole new set of skills including reading tides and conditions, towing, bracing, getting in and out of the waves plus my personal favorite – surfing!

Each member of the class contributed to the energetic atmosphere. Everyone took Malcolm’s advice to channel their inner 12 year old, relax and have fun. Clearly there is method to his madness – I’m pretty sure the soggy sponge fight was intended to accomplish more than just cool us down and set everyone laughing. We all ended up putting those new maneuvering skills to the test.

Once again, the Alder Creek program has exceeded our expectations. Please pass our sincere appreciation to both Malcolm and Steve.

By aldermr