The Surf Zone Skills class  introduces students to paddling in ocean surf. Surf Zone Skills are a core element of ocean paddling and often on a trip or tour you need to get into or our through a small surf break.  The class will be held at the coast in a location with non-dumping surf up to 4 or 5 feet.

You will learn about the anatomy of a surf beach, including how to recognize spilling, plunging and dumping waves, long shore and rip currents and the effects on surf of swell height, direction and period, beach shape, tide height and wind speed and direction.

You will learn how to read wave sets and windows, and how to launch, land and hold position, under control in surf, i.e., without being surfed. We will cover broaching and side-surfing with correct use of edging and low and high braces. The emphasis in this class is on how to safely negotiate a surf zone during launching and landing at the beach

  • forecasting surf and weather
  • observation and recognition
  • identifying hazards and currents
  • selecting appropriate surf locations
  • learn to negotiate the surf safely
  • Swimming and surf rescue
  • holding position and boat control
  • safe and controlled landings
  • and much much more!!!
Directions to the surf zone skills class:
 On the Oregon Coast, determined by the Coach. Most often held in Pacific City. You will be notified a few days before the class once conditions are assessed.

We encourage you to bring all your own gear and boat to the Surf Zone skills class.  If you cannot, we can provide  what you will need.

  • Sunglasses with retention device (i.e. Croakies, Chums, etc)
  • NO COTTON – Synthetic top and bottom layers (thermal underwear, heavier wt. for cooler weather)
  • Nylon shorts and/or swimsuit for warmer days
  • Hiking style wool or synthetic socks
  • Water bottle
  • LUNCH small enough to pack into the boats
  • Towel and change of clothes for ride home

Optional Gear:

  • Water proof camera
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • River shoes or booties
  • Tow belt
  • Rescue gear
  • Spare Paddle
  • Bilge Pump