Sunday School Community Winter Clinics – 2017/2018

Join Team Alder Creek for a bit of FREE know-how and what’s-what with our annual Sunday School FREE Community Winter Clinics!  Each session will run 2-3 hours of informational AND hands-on education.  We’ll even have snacks and refreshments to further fuel the learning!  All clinics will happen at our Jantzen Beach location, starting at 1pm.  No cost, no reservation required.  Drop in at any time if you can – sessions may cover multiple topics, so you’re bound to pick something up!

Check out our schedule of offerings below:


Paddling in Focus – A Hands-on Workshop on how to Make Better Kayak Photos

Neil Schulman Photography

December 10, 2017
Jantzen Beach
with Neil Schulman


Lots of kayaking photographs are taken every year….and most are not very good. Making good kayak photos takes both artistic and technical punch. We’ll combine hands-on shooting and review around the shopt and its environs to capture strong stories about paddling. You’ll get to practice both the artistic and the technical aspects. We’ll have a chance to shoot, review, and reshoot, as well as learn how photography works best on the water.  Bring your camera (phones are fine) and your creativity,






This Old Gear – Fix It, Don’t Nix It

January 14, 2018
Jantzen Beach
with David Dalbey and Matt Maddalena

Sure, we all love new gear, but we also have to consider our budget.  Most of the time it is less expensive to get your fixed, and even cheaper to do it yourself!  We’ll focus on repairing latex gaskets and cracks in plastic boats – ABS and Polyethylene.  We can also chat about other minor field repairs for both whitewater and sea paddlers!

We will start with a gasket replacement demonstration.  Want to fix your gasket while our team is around to offer tips?  Come in to this clinic a little early to purchase everything you will need, and the Alder Creek staff will guide you through the process after the demo.  This will be limited to one gasket per attendee, but we’re happy to set you up with gaskets, glue, and rounds for the rest of your gaskets as well.  Consider splitting the cost with a friend, and take your kit home with you!

After gasket repair, we’ll move onto repairing cracks in both polyethylene and ABS plastics.  Please leave your boat at home – we have plenty of broken hulls to play with!  Learn about welding techniques, appropriate materials to use, and other top tips for repairing and preventing damage to your boat!


Cold Water Safety

February 18, 2018
Jantzen Beach
with Moulton Avery of the National Center for Cold Water Safety

Join us for an informative and very pertinent presentation regarding cold water safety.  As paddlers in the Pacific Northwest, we are constantly balancing our preparedness for immersion in cold water, even when the air is warm!

We’ll learn about why cold water is dangerous, the stages of immersion,  the golden rules of cold water safety, common cold water myths and misconceptions, and more!  After warming up our brains, there will be an optional immersion demo off the dock!

Come learn about this very important topic, and then enjoy some refreshments from our clinic sponsor, Gigantic Brewing!


Remote Ratatouille – Packing your Sea Kayak and Wilderness Cuisine

March 11, 2018
Jantzen Beach
with Andrew Romanelli and Neil Schulman

We like to paddle because it is fun!  There is no need to suffer on long day-paddles or multi-day trips.  You deserve a tasty meal and a comfy chair!  Come learn about eating well in the middle of nowhere and how to get your goods there!

This winter clinic will begin with instruction on different stoves and recipes with a heavy focus on Dutch Ovens.  Bring a fork and plate to even sample some dishes!

While the food is cooking, we’ll talk about boat packing – how to get all of your trip’s amenities and accouterments to their destination!  We have all sorts of tips and tricks to make boat packing (and unpacking) more efficient and logical.  There are definitely better and worse methods to the process!