Stand Up Paddling: Strokes, Maneuvers & Current students will build upon the skills developed in Basic SUP. We will refine the strokes as well as introduce a few new ones on still water before taking those skills to moving water (current). This class is ideal for anyone wanting to get more out of their time on the water or anyone wanting to take their SUP to whitewater or surfing.

On Still Water:

Stance:Optimal position for stability

                        (shifting weight {rail to rail, front foot to back foot} should be done in each position)

-Standard (feet foreword hip width),

– Modified (one foot slightly back),

-Hybrid stance- play with trim

Surfers Stance (feet perpendicular on center line or one foot slightly off center)

-Moving on the board: Moving around on the board between stances

Step to stance-still then on move

Jump to stance-still then on the move

Cross stepping

Strokes / Maneuvers:

-Paddling Straight J-stroke, Dufeck/C-Stroke, cross bow foreword

Turning on the move-Sweeps, Cross bow draw/to sweep

-Pivot turns Sweeps foreword/reverse


-Rudder pry/draw


Low brace

High brace

Sculling braces


Moving Water: Starting on mild current moving to faster water

(all skills should be done in standard stance and hybrid using a variety of strokes)

Ferry-angels to match speed of current/attainment

Peel outs

Eddy turns


and more…

We will meet at our Jantzen Beach Store.
200 NE Tomahawk Island Drive Portland Or 97217

From the south: Take I-5 exit 308 (Jantzen Beach) get in the right lane and go east on Tomahawk Island Drive .7 miles, we are on the right. As you come off the exit the Safeway is on the right and the Chevron is on your left.

From the North: Take I-5 308 (Jantzen beach, the first one in Oregon)get in the left lane off the exit, turn left at the stoplight, follow the road around the bend to the left as it passes under the freeway and comes around so the Safeway is on your left. At the stop sign turn right on Tomahawk Isl Drive and go .6 miles, we are on the right.

Alder Creek can provide you with board, paddle, leash, and farmer john wetsuit, and neoprene boots. 

If you are in need of other gear please lt us know by emailing

If you have any questions about what to bring please contact us.

Call for more information or if you are lost or late!

Portland: 503.285.0464