Stand on Liquid Native 12’6” Touring SUP

Stand on Liquid Native 12’6” Touring SUP review
by Jeffrey Briley

W: 30”
Thickness: 6.7”
Vol: 282 L
Weight: 28 lbs
Price: $1399 $1099
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Native 12'6" SUP
Native 12’6″ SUP

Recently I had the opportunity to take the Stand on Liquid Native 12’6” Touring SUP for a paddle, and the speed and stability profile here is excellent. This board has it all. It’s sleek, it’s really really fast for a 12’6 (actually faster than another manufacturer’s 14’ racing model), it comes outfitted with gear bungees for packing plenty of gear for touring and oozes northwest style.

As I paddled East from our shop on Hayden Island on the Columbia River, I sliced into the current and noticed little resistance with this board. Its displacement nose design reduces drag and assists the single fin in making it an excellent tracking SUP. For the first 2 miles I was able to hit an average of 3.18 knots and once I turned down stream for my return, I was cranking along at a blistering 4.77 knots average and a top speed of nearly 6 knots! Overall that day, the SOL Native 12’6” did just over 4 miles right at 55 minutes. Catching the eye of many a boater on this beautiful sunny morning, one sailor even shouted “Hey! It’s a no wake zone!” So for a board not designed for racing to hit consistent speeds that could keep up with the pack in any SUP race out there, that’s exceptional.

Beyond it’s speed, this is one of those boards that can do it all for anyone. Regardless of your size, the 282L volume ensures stability and adequate flotation to log some knots and enjoy the glide.

Come on up to Alder Creek’s Jantzen Beach location to give the Stand on Liquid Native 12’6”, priced at just $1099 $849, a look and we’ll get you out on the water.