Wenonah Prism

Wenonah Prism Used

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Wenonah Prism solo canoe, used, 2009 model in excellent condition. Flex Core/Aramid construction.



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Wenonah Prism

Wenonah Prism solo canoe, used, 2009 model in excellent condition. Flex Core with Aramid construction, only 44 lbs. The Prism is Wenonah’s most popular composite solo canoe. Incredibly versatile, it’ll take you comfortably over all kinds of waters. Blending efficiency, stability, capacity, and finesse, it’s ideal for cruising with a light load, but also has the volume needed for medium-length trips.

Flex-core construction creates a more rugged canoe than our Ultra-light core, and is meant for general paddling on all but extreme waters. In our Flex-core constructions a structural-foam core is laminated into the hull, orienting the composite fibers carefully to distribute loads. We add an extra fabric layer to the whole hull. This adds a bit of weight but makes for a stronger, more rigid canoe. Side ribs are not needed because this layup distributes more material throughout the hull. The result is a tough canoe that is still fairly light weight. Using Aramid in our Flex-core layup adds a little weight, but saves some money. The extra layers of fabric and gel-coat finish makes these boats slightly more resistant to damage than our Ultra-Light canoes as well.

This canoe is available at Alder Creek’s Jantzen Beach store. In-store pick up only, no shipping.

Length: 16’6″

Width: 30.75″

Weight: 44 lbs.



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