Used Klikatat Canoe

Klickitat 16′ Fiberglass Canoe


This Consignment Klickitat 16′ Fiberglass Canoe is one of a kind. A piece of Portland history.

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Klickitat 16′ Fiberglass Canoe

This consignment Klickitat 16′ fiberglass canoe has some great history and a lot of charm. This style of Klickitat was made in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Stored inside, this boat is in good shape for its age and use. The hull is solid, with scratches and chips only affecting the gelcoat. The wood gunnels and end caps could use some attention but are workable. While it could use some work, the Klickitat 16′ canoe is water ready and comes with three wood paddles and PFD’s for the whole family.

What makes this canoe unique is its custom detailing. It was used in a Blitz Weinhard beer commercial back in the day and has logoing and custom thwarts. Given that Klickitat was made in Portland as well as Blitz, this boat is a piece of Portland history.

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