Slingshot G WHIZ 9'4"

Slingshot G-Whiz 9’4″ Crossover SUP

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The Slingshot G-Whiz is a crossover SUP slicey enough for surfing yet stable and buoyant for flat water too.

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Slingshot G-Whiz 9’4″

The Slingshot G-Whiz is is the perfect choice for paddlers who want a crossover board that is agile enough to surf small to medium size waves with ease but is also stable and buoyant enough to serve well as a flat water board. If you’re a casual SUP surfer, you’ll love the G-Whiz’s stability as you paddle out through the break and catch your first small inside waves; if you’re an experienced surfer, you’ll love how quickly you can generate speed and momentum to paddle into waves, and how agile the G-Whiz handles as you make top and bottom turns.

• Perfect surf/open-water crossover board
• Catch more waves, spend less time in the water with a wide, stable shape
• Great tracking and turning with V-spine bottom, three-fin configuration
• Light weight construction means less yank when you crash in the waves
• Short, wide and stable- great for all-around performance

Comes with multiple leash attachment points and three FCS fins (a 4.5” center fin and two 5.25” asymmetrical side fins). Weight – approx. 24 lbs. Paddler Max Weight – 190 lbs or less

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