ortlieb compression dry bag

Ortlieb Compression Dry Bag w/ Valve & Straps 7L


Ortlieb’s 7L Compression Dry Bag is the perfect space saver for your next adventure. Ideal for sleeping bags and all things poofy, the Compression Dry Bag squeezes out excess air making those soft bulky items fit easily.

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We have the Ortlieb Compression Dry Bag 7L at Alder Creek.

The ultralight compression dry bag is also available with valve and straps for maximum compression. It is particularly suited for compressing sleeping bags.

  • Buckles
  • Robust fabric at base:
  • abrasion and tear resistant
  • Broad base loop for easy unpacking and fixing

*Closure of compression dry bags must be rolled at least 5-6 times. Please add 15-20 cm/5-8 in. for the total length.

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