sea to summit sit on top kayak cart

Sea to Summit Sit On Top Kayak Cart with Solid Wheels


Solve your SOT kayak carrying problem with the Sea to Summit Sit On Top kayak cart!

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Sea to Summit Sit On Top Kayak Cart with Solid Wheels

Transporting a sit-on-top boat can be quite challenging due to their larger width and often heavier weight. We set out to create a unique sit-on-top trolley that was universal in application and robust enough to cater for the large range of boats in this category.

This patent pending design features unique tapered cones that fit snugly into a broad range of scupper hole sizes and reduce side to side movement of your trolley during towing. Furthermore, we’ve added a variable width axle design with a heavy duty quick release clamp that will fit most recreational sit-on-tops.

The Sea to Summit Sit-on-Top trolley can be used with or without the included Bomber Tie Down.


  • Tapered rubber cones to fit scuppers from 24mm to 48mm
  • Adjustable axle width from 180mm to 400mm
  • Strong oversize 6061-T6 anodised aluminium tubing and
  • welded construction
  • Includes an integrated Bomber Tie Down
  • All-terrain solid wheels
  • Light-weight innovative design


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