Seattle Sports Boat Keeperz

Seattle Sports Boat Keeperz


Seattle Sports Boat Keeperz are an inexpensive option for storing your kayak on the wall. 2″ polypro straps with 2.5″ lag bolts attach to any studs. Rest assured, Boat keeperz provide more than enough support for any kayak. Quick release buckles make it easy to suspend or remove your kayak. The Seattle Sports Boat Keeperz even feature a hook and loop attachment for your paddle!

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Seattle Sports Boat Keeperz

The Seattle Sports Boat Keeperz is quick and easy wall-mount strap storage system for a single kayak or SUP. Also stores paddles. It is a convenient wall-mount system which stores your boats on their side, which is how manufacturers recommend storage. Keeps your boats organized and out of the way.


  • A quick, easy solution for out-of-the-way boat storage.
  • 2 adjustable heavy-duty webbing loops cinch around boat with quick release buckles
  • 2 zinc-plated 2.5in. lag bolts for mounting to wall studs
  • Hook and loop straps for paddle storage
  • Boat Keeperz stores one boat. Boat Keeperz 2-Up stores two boats.
  • Each strap has a 100 lbs. capacity

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