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Our Hood Loops make tying your boat down easy! No more crawling under the car or kneeling on wet ground! Close these loops under your car hood or trunk, and use them as tie-down points!

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Hood Loops

Hood Loops secure tie down lines from your boat to your car. Many late model cars do not have tie down points because, to increase aerodynamic efficiency, they have factory installed aprons underneath. These hood loops are designed to be easily installed and removed in seconds. Simply open the hood, trunk or rear hatch and put the rubber anchor under the slots. Close and they are ready to use. Hood loops can also be used on the trunk or hatch of your car to secure the other end of the boat. Their straps are made of 1″ nylon webbing and emblazoned with the Alder Creek logo. To learn about car topping, view our How to Secure a Kayak for Transportation blog post!