Tiderace Exceed S

Tiderace Xceed S G-Core

The Tiderace Xceed-S is a highly refined and capable sea touring kayak for the small to average sized paddler with a refreshing new look.

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Tiderace Xceed S G-Core

The Tiderace Xceed-S G-Core is a highly refined and capable sea touring kayak for the small to average sized paddler with a refreshing new look.

The Tiderace Xceed S G-Core is a family of expedition kayaks in this construction which will replace the older designs in the Tiderace range. The versatile Xceed builds on the success of the Xcite, Xplore and Xcape series to become a refined new generation of sea kayak which will deliver the touring and expedition performance that Tiderace paddlers have enjoyed. The Tiderace Xceed is a highly refined and capable sea touring kayak for the average sized paddler or someone looking to do a long expedition with a refreshing new look. G-Core Weight: 53 lbs. Paddler weight: 132 – 187 lbs.

The Xplore had the reputation of being the fastest skeg kayak, but the new Xceed is even more efficient and adds a bit more stability too. Xceed is available in three sizes which fit very similar to the three sizes of the old Xcape series (the other fast skeg kayak). Also new is weight saving and impact toughening Vacuum Infused Heat Cured Epoxy construction on all lay-ups from G-Core Glass to Carbon.

Computer designed, the Xceed series of hulls are honed to provide especially efficient cruising at speeds above 4 knots. Hatch volume is large, especially in the larger model size – these boats are a new generation developed from proven expedition pedigree and record-breaking achievements.

The Xceed’s ease of edging and turning combined with its stability makes it the adventurer’s favourite ‘go-anywhere’ and ‘take-on-anything’ sea kayak. Cockpit foredecks are relatively high, retaining the dynamic and commanding paddling position associated with Tiderace designs. Designed to take the hard work out of expedition kayaking, the Xceed glides through the most challenging waters whilst eating away the miles.

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G-Core, the bedrock of the Tiderace constructions, much stronger than competitors’ standard boats.

  • Multi-axial glass cloth encapsulates the resin supported core material
  • Extra localized reinforcing is employed in high stress areas
  • Vacuum-infused, heat-cured epoxy

The hull and deck join consists of a full epoxy laminate overlap on both inner and outer surfaces to give the strongest join possible. The outer surface is then gelcoated and polished for an immaculate, seam free finish – a first in sea kayak construction.


Length: 17.7′
Width: 20.8”
Depth: 11.6”
Cockpit: 34.2” x 19.3”


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Weight 60 lbs



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