Sterling Progression Infused Layup bow

Sterling Progression Infused Lay-Up Yellow/White


Sterling Progression Infused Lay-Up Yellow deck / white hull. A lighter composite construction than Standard.

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Sterling Progression Infused Lay-Up Yellow/White

The Sterling Progression Infused Lay-Up is for you if you are seeking a high performance surfing and surf play sea kayak with incredible edging, stability and stability. This infused composite construction is lighter than standard composite because of its construction technique which minimizes excess resin.

Expanding on their established and popular lineage, Sterling Kayaks wanted to build another kayak that will grow with the paddler’s skills.  Whether they are aspiring rough water paddlers – enticed by Greenland style rolling – or enjoy flat-water day trips or multi-day journeys, the Progression – a smaller version of its older sibling, the Reflection 2 – fits into the ever-so-popular 16 feet by 22 inch kayak class, with precise measurements listed below. With design elements such as a swooping back-deck, whitewater-inspired mid-section, rounded style bow/stern, a soft V-shaped hull, radiused rails and the traditional Sterling-style stern, this kayak is very maneuverable, easy to control/roll, super fun to paddle, and is already receiving best-in-class accolades from those who have tested it. A voluminous kayak for its size – with strong rough water capabilities – the Progression features 10’’ round hatches in the bow/stern, with the classic 8’’ round day hatch giving access to the skeel (skeg) for easy maintenance or repair, leaving the main hatches with enough room for multi-day touring. Built to the same top quality as the rest of our fleet, this kayak will be strong, light, and (if damage does occur) easy to repair.

Beautiful yellow deck treatment with white gel coated hull.

• Length: 16′ 2″

• Width: 21.75″

• Weight: 48.4 lbs.


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