Sterling Ice Kap White Red

Sterling Ice Kap Fiberglass White Hull with Red Side Wave


The Sterling Ice Kap is everything we love about Sterling boats in a smaller size, making it ideal for the smaller paddler. The Ice Kap is efficient and maneuverable on the water and great for everything from day trips to excursions, calm lakes to open ocean.

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Sterling Ice Kap

The Sterling Ice Kap is designed so that smaller paddlers can easily and efficiently keep pace with the larger folks. Sterling boats are highly customizable and have a variety of layup and paint options. This Particular IceKap is the standard layup with green and white with the hull stripe design.

Finally a Kayak built for the Smaller Paddler

Ice Kap–standard model Why we designed the “Ice Kap” standard model

Sterling calls the Ice Kap “The Equalizer”. A small framed person paddling a regular sized kayak often has difficulty keeping pace with their group or paddling partner. The cause: being in a kayak that is too big for their build, arms held high to clear the deck and combing, a loose fit that leads to lack of control and edging ability and generally just too much boat to push through the water. The Ice Kap is an extremely high performance kayak with a skeg. Built with Sterling’s strong-lite construction technique from quality materials, this creates a kayak that weighs about 43 lbs. The Ice Kap is stable, very easy to control with boat lean and paddle strokes and a perfect fit for a lean or small framed paddler.With skeg deployed it will even hold course in rear quartering seas and if you like to surf it can be surfed forward and backwards! Perfect combination of speed and maneuverability makes it perfect for:

  • Inter coastal paddling
  • Playing in tide rips
  • Practicing your safety rolls

Great for a day paddle but will also carry enough for weekend camping and lightweight extended trips!

Length: 17′
Beam: 19 1/2 “
Standard Composite Weight: 43 lbs.


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Weight 45 lbs