This is the roll 2 kayak dvd

This is the Roll 2 DVD


This is the Roll 2 is another exciting film by award-winning filmmaker and kayak documentarian Justine Curgenven, who follows Greenland rolling experts Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson through 22 different Greenland-style rolls. Underwater footage, multiple angles, and clear instruction are combined with detailed analysis and easy-to-follow learning progessions, helping you add to your rolling repertoire in your own time.

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This is the Roll 2 brings you expert instruction on 22 Greenland-style rolls. From popular favourites like the butterfly, they progress to hand and norsaq rolls, culminating in the straight-jacket roll and sculling rolls.

Each roll is clearly demonstrated with underwater footage, multiple angles, detailed analysis and easy-to-follow learning progressions. Troubleshooting chapters show students making common mistakes and instruction on how to solve these issues. Euroblade chapters highlight the differences associated with using a feathered blade.

Whether you want to improve your comfort level upside down, enjoy the challenge of learning more difficult rolls, compete in a Greenland kayak championship or simply discover the pure joy of rolling, this collaboration between multiple-award winning filmmaker Justine Curgenven and world-renowned instructors Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson will instruct and inspire.

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