Vision 130 Hybrid Kayak

Current Designs Vision 130 Hybrid Kayak

The Current Designs Vision 130 is a performance-oriented yet forgiving kayak in a lightweight package. The Vision 130 has the handling DNA of the 120 with most the tracking of the longer Visions. Easily car-topped and enough capacity for kayak camping. Perfect for paddlers ascending the skills ladder!

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  • Fiberglass-Polyaramic Kevlar hull weighs only 40 lbs
  • Length: 13’0″ Width 24″ Deck height 12″
  • Cockpit dimensions: 35.25 in x 17.25 in
  • Revolution seating system tilts the seat bucket for custom comfort fit
  • Easy grip thigh braces
  • Generously sized keyhole cockpit for easy entry and exit
  • Ample foot room.
  • Two fiberglass bulkheads for storage and flotation
  • Dimension Adjustable seat back
  • Capacity: 275 lbs

Hybrid Construction:

The Vision 130 features Current Designs Hybrid lay up. The material is made up of a lightweight generic for Kevlar, fiberglass and resin. The result is a stiff, efficient and lightweight touring kayak. The Vision 130 hybrid weighs in at only 40lbs!

Revolution Seating System:

Current Designs put a lot of thought into creating a comfortable kayak seat. The nicely padded back rest can be adjusted up, down, forward and backwards. The seat pan has a reclining feature that provides great under thigh support, alleviating leg cramps. The seat is so versatile, it can be comfortably used by paddlers of all shapes and sizes

Vacuum Bagged Composite Lamination:

Vacuum Bagged lamination was originally developed for the aerospace industry to produce consistent, durable and extremely lightweight components. Current Designs adapted it for kayak manufacturing over 20 years ago. As the air is sucked out of the bag, it conforms to the kayak mold with high pressure, making the resin spread evenly throughout the fiberglass. This process uses the minimal amount of resin, to create the lightest weight, and most rigid kayaks available. The durability is great, the finish is stunning, and the performance is out of this world.

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