Immersion Research Klingon

Immersion Research Klingon

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The Immersion Research Klingon Spray Skirt is among the driest bungee rand skirts available. The 2″ Neoprene lip forms a superior seal around the cockpit combing. Durable 4mm Supratex construction is enhanced with reinforcement to the paddle impact zone and silicone pads to prevent implosion.

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Immersion Research Klingon

The Immersion Research Klingon Bungee Spray Skirt is IR’s version of an “apron style” bungee spray skirt that’s perfect for serious play boating and intermediate+ river running. Apron skirts feature extra neoprene extending past the bungee that help fill-in cockpit rim flaws and are usually much drier than standard skirts. Typical apron skirts, though, have the bungee sewn right on top of a flat neoprene deck, and as a result can be difficult to get on. The Kling-On, however, has a unique “taco” construction that has all the benefits of an apron skirt but allows the outer edge of the skirt to articulate and grab the rim.


  • 4mm Supratex Neoprene
  • 2″ lip for an improved seal
  • Silicone patches to prevent implosion
  • Reinforcement in the “paddle impact zone”
  • Glued, blined stitched and taped seems

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Weight 2 lbs