YakAttack GTTL90 12 Inch

YakAttack GTTL90 GearTrac 12 Inch with Stainless Steel Hardware


YakAttack GTTL90 GearTrac 12 inch with Stainless Steel Hardware

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YakAttack GTTL90 GearTrac 12 Inch with Stainless Steel Hardware

The YakAttack GTTL90 GearTrac 12 Inch Top Loading Aluminum Mounting Track allows for versatile mounting of all your paddling and fishing gear. This is a top loading version of the popular GT90. Instead of having to slide your accessory in from the ends of the GearTrac you are able to drop each accessory in from the top. This makes it very easy to adjust positioning while on the water when using multiple accessories on a single piece of GearTrac. This medium heavy duty surface mount track provides a platform that’s not only adjustable, but fully configurable, enabling unparalleled versatility for accessory mounting! Includes #8-32 socket drive button head stainless steel screws plus nuts and washers. The optional FullBack backing plate provides easier installation and increased security. Compatible with 1/2″ wide track hardware.

Watch a YakAttack video on installing this product here.

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