Jackson Cuda LT Fishing Kayak--Realtree Edition

Jackson Cuda LT Fishing Kayak – Realtree Edition


Jackson Cuda LT Fishing Kayak–Realtree Edition is an upgraded model of Jackson’s best-selling Cuda Kayak. The LT model is not only lighter weight than its predecessor, it also boasts a sleeker aesthetic and more stability. It maintains the deck features that made the Cuda 12 so popular–tons of storage and mounting options!–and includes a few new features to help anglers out on the water. Plus the Cuda LT is blanketed with Realtree’s Hardwoods HD Camo, an all-season, all-region camouflage for timbered areas.


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Jackson Cuda LT

The Jackson Cuda LT Fishing Kayak–Realtree Edition is blanketed with Realtree’s Hardwoods HD Camo, which provides all-season coverage for timbered areas. The Cuda LT is Jackson Kayaks first thermoformed fishing kayak, which makes it approximately 15 pounds lighter than the original best-selling Cuda 12. This in turns makes it a very responsive fishing kayaks. The Cuda LT also has a great secondary stability that makes the kayak extremely stable to stand and fish from.

The Cuda’s center hatch is now hinged for easier use and comes with YakAttack gear tracks, Princeton-Tec flip up light and day hatch for easy internal access. Its center hatch allows you to access the hull of your kayak when you’re out on the water; it’s a great place to store rods for a gnarly surf launch, or all your gear when traveling. You can also add an tub insert that allows you to keep plenty of on the water accessories close by. The hatch cover has small indentations that keep items like hooks and weights from falling on the floor of your kayak, and eventually down a scupper. The hatch cover is also a great place to mount accessories like a GPS or a depth finder.


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