Jackson Kilroy LT Realtree Fishing Kayak

Jackson Kilroy LT Realtree Fishing Kayak


The Jackson Kilroy LT Realtree Fishing Kayak is the thermoformed version of our popular Kilroy sit-inside kayak fishing design. Based on the Cuda 12 hull, it offers features for the kayak fisherman, hunter, wildlife photographer, or birder. The LT model is slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, adding additional stability, storage and capacity. Aside from the built-in features such as protected rod tubes and tackle storage built into a unique molded floor system, the Kilroy LT has a rigid dashboard deck with tackle storage, ‘glove box’ like storage bin underneath, and other fishing features. The Kilroy LT includes standard YakAttack tracks and Screwball and RAM rod holder.

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The Jackson Cuda LT Fishing Kayak is a sit-in style of fishing kayak. It offers a lower center of gravity than sit on top styles, and allows you to contain all your gear inside the kayak. You’ll get better protection from weather for colder climates, while the open cockpit allows for easy entry and exit, keeps you drier than a sit-on-top would, and minimizes weight.
The open front open cockpit design was specifically intended to accept a series of ‘Tech Deck’ accessory options, from a fabric mesh sunscreen or fly line skirt, to a rigid platform offering fishing features. The cockpit is symmetrical, so each deck can fit in front of or behind the seat. The Kilroy LT utilizes a molded deck system at the hull level of the kayak, so all the best features of a sit-on-top design are still there. Rod stagers along the wall, tubular rod tip protectors, sidewall tackle storage, Hi-Lo seating, and a wide standing platform are also industry firsts for sit-in designs. Open storage in front of and behind seat, with secure rigging at the hull and deck levels.
Designed with stand-ability in mind, you’ll find a wide standing platform as roomy as the Coosa and Cuda, with the added benefit of being closer to the water line for even more stability. Gear tracks located on both sides (fore and aft) are built in to the kayak in easily accessible locations for adding accessories and RAM Mounts.
  • Length: 12’11”
  • Width: 33″
  • Total Capacity: 400 lbs

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