Anchor Wizard

Kayak Anchor Wizard


The Kayak Anchor Wizard makes deploying and retrieving an anchor simple. 70 ft of line operated by a cranking system. Easily mounted with self-tapping screws or on any track system.

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Kayak Anchor Wizard

The Kayak Anchor Wizard is a complete kayak anchor system with a revolutionary spool design to contain up to 70 feet of 1/8″ anchor line.  Turn the handle backward to drop your anchor in a free-spool release, with the ability to regulate the speed of the drop by “feathering” the handle back and forth.

Once anchored, you can release more line using the spool at your fingertips to work your kayak along a weed line or position yourself over identified structure that fish are holding to below you.

A simple forward crank of the handle in the clockwise direction will lock the spool and keep you anchored in place while you fish away without fighting the wind or current!

When you are ready to move to a new fishing spot, simply crank the spool forward to take up the line until the anchor slides into the flanged nosepiece tube and is safely stowed out of the water and atop your kayak.

Made of Precision Cast 319 Aluminum. 780 lb. tensile strength line – fresh and saltwater fishing has never been easier from a kayak!

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