North Water New Style paddle britches

North Water Paddle Britches – Cone Style


The all new redesigned North Water Paddle Britches are extremely convenient. Hook & Loop attachment makes installation completely hassle free. The ends of your breakdown paddle are protected with durable stiffening tubes. The new 2014 Paddle Britches make securing, and removing your spare paddle easy and effective, at all times.

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Our new style North Water Paddle Britches are a great way to enhance your ability to quickly and securely stash your two-piece spare paddle on your foredeck!


  • Tube Length: 14″
  • Tube Diameter: 2.25″
  • Max Width: 8.5″


  • Hook and loop attachment, quickly attaches to deck lines
  • Stiffening tubes protect paddle shaft, and make securing and removal very simple
  • Ideal for use in day touring kayaks (rough water sea kayakers should consider Paddle Scabbards)
  • Attach and move from boat to boat quickly and easily without untying deck lines
  • Tapering and stiffener allow effortless insertion every time
  • Reduced wear and tear on your deck as well as your paddle ferrule

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