YakAttack FullBack GT90 4

YakAttack FullBack GT90 Backing Plate 4″


The FullBack GT90 Backing plate provides durable attachment for your GT90 GearTrac. Using a backing plate prevents damage to your boat or gear track under heavy strain. The GT90 Backing plate is far more secure and durable than self threading screws or pop rivets.

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YakAttack FullBack GT90 Backing Plate 4″

The YakAttack Fullback GT90 Backing Plate 4″ makes installation of the 4″ GT90 easier and more secure by providing more surface area support inside the hull.


  • Dimensions: 4″L X 1/2″W X 1/4″H
  • Weight: ~1 oz
  • Construction: Aluminum, Military Grade Hard Anodized
  • Included: Single 4″ Backing Plate for GT90

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