Feelfree Stand Up Bar


The Feel Free Stand Up Bar adds support when you are standing up casting in your Feelfree Moken or Feelfree Lure fishing kayak.

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Feelfree Stand Up Bar

The Feelfree Stand Up Bar provides support and stability when you’re standing up casting for the big one, standing in your Feelfree Moken or Feelfree Lure kayak. This lean post makes sight fishing and casting a breeze. The padded handle is comfortable to lean against for hands-free support. It includes paddle clips so your paddle is out of the way, but always within reach. The front of the stand up bar mounts to your kayak with the included hardware and the rear supports fit into the uni-trak rail. It slides along the length of the rail to adjust the height and angle of the bar. Fits the Moken 12.5 and Moken 14 and the Lure 10, Lure 11.5 and Lure 13.

• Provides additional support when sight fishing and casting
• Slides along uni-trak to adjust height and angle
• Easy installation and all hardware is included
• Folds flat during paddling

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