how to secure your kayak for transportation

How To Secure A Kayak For Transportation

Transporting a kayak is a lot easier than many believe. With just a handful of items anyone can easily transport their kayak safely to and from their favorite destinations. You could say our team here at Alder Creek has plenty of experience as we are responsible for transporting thousands of boats throughout the year. Brent & Andrew go over an easy step by step process of securing your kayak to the top of your vehicle. Using these methods you’ll be able to guarantee yourself peace of mind along the way to your fun destination.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]

Kayak Transportation Checklist:

2 Cam Straps

2 Fitted Foam Blocks

Roof Rack

A Kayak

If Available: A Friend

For other ways of hauling your kayak and other roof rack systems stop into our shop.

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