By getting you on the water 2 days in a week during the Sea Kayak: Full Immersion 2 you will learn more and absorb a higher number of concepts. Optimum retention of knowledge can be achieved when you have more opportunity for reinforcement. A clear progression of classes translates to greater paddling skills and increased enthusiasm for the sport! Sea Kayak: Full Immersion 2 lets you spend the WHOLE weekend improving your existing skills and learning new ones!

Sea Kayak: Full Immersion 2 is appropriate for students that have successfully completed our Full Immersion I Sea program (or equivalent).  If you are not sure if you qualify, please just give us a call and we can help you decide what class is best for you.

If you have any questions about what to bring please contact us. Alder Creek has a full line of paddling equipment and accessories. We would be happy to assist you in getting outfitted for your trip. Please remember to keep your personal gear to a minimum, but keep your comfort in mind. Remember the goal is to travel light and efficiently.

Saturday Session 9am -3pm

  • Basic Seamanship including chart reading and practical navigation
  • Navigation and basic tides
  • Trip planning and group awareness
  • Basic Rescues
  • Maneuvering efficiently using combination strokes
  • Towing and group management practice
  • Paddling in wind and waves (mild conditions only)
  • Learn proper use of skegs and rudders

Sunday Session 9am-4pm

  • Practical application of skills while underway
  • Practice rescue and maneuvering in real conditions
  • Paddling and playing in waves if conditions allow
  • Master assisted re-entries in conditions

Saturday Morning 9:00 am – To be determined

Sunday Morning – To be determined


What you will need for Sea Kayak: Full Immersion 2: (be sure to read to the bottom)


Saturday and Sunday on the water –

If you are un-able to bring the items listed below please let us know as we can provide them if needed. We typiaclly provide immersion wear in the form of either a neoprene wetsuit or nylon drysuit with latex gasket seals and neoprene boots.

Only in the hottest summer months do we run courses without some form of immersion wear. The water is cold year round so you will need to bring layers to wear under the suits provided.

  • Sunglasses with retention device (i.e. Croakies, Chums, etc)
  • NO COTTON Synthetic top and bottom layers (thermal underwear, heavier wt. for cooler weather)
  • Nylon shorts and/or swimsuit for warmer days
  • Hiking style wool or synthetic socks
  • Water bottle
  • LUNCH small enough to pack into the boats
  • Towel and change of clothes for ride home

Optional Gear:

  • Water proof camera
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • River shoes or booties
  • Tow belt
  • Rescue gear
  • Spare Paddle
  • Bilge Pump