Alder Creek is Proud to offer this 2.5 day Sea Kayak Camp for all ages!

Sea Kayak Camp is 2.5 days of kayak instruction customized to meet your personal paddling goals. It is unlike many other instruction opportunities as it is designed to be student driven and extremely participatory.

Paul Kuthe will provide the framework for learning and guide students in a hands on manor through the  process of building skills. We’ll spend time on the water and on dry land learning practical skills while playing, laughing and having a good time. Fun and safety is always at the core of our approach to teaching. Our group size is limited to 8 students with a student – teacher ratio of 4:1.

The curriculum is built around student goals and might include stroke improvement for better efficiency, landing/launching in the surf, surfing, boat control in a variety of conditions, navigation, trip planning and management, group management, night paddling and rescues.

What level of paddler is a good fit for Sea Kayak Camp?

Because of the diversity of conditions, Sea Kayak Camp is appropriate for a wide range of skill levels. As a baseline, paddlers should be able to paddle 5-6 miles, have some expereince with rescues, be comfortable with wet exits, and performe edge turns reliably. Paddlers should have some bracing skills, maybe have a roll. MOST important is the desire to try new things, have fun in the currents, rocks, waves and wind (conditions) and be be game to play with navigation/seamanship. Kayak Camp is an opportunity to step it up a bit and explore paddling outside your normal comfort zone!

  • Camping on the BEAUTIFUL Oregon Coast!
  • forecasting surf and weather
  • observation and recognition
  • identifying hazards and currents
  • selecting appropriate locations to play
  • learn to negotiate rocks, caves, and archways safetly
  • Swimming and rock and surf rescue practice
  • holding position and boat control
  • safe and controlled landings
  • rough water rock landings
  • and much much more!!!

Sea Camp begins on Friday afternoon with a group meeting, a boat packing session, and a short flat water paddle out to the point. We ask students to please arrive Friday by noon.

Instruction on-water and “classroom” sessions run until Sunday at about 4pm

Each day will have some classroom / beach time and LOTS of time on the water.

In the evenings we will be learning to prepare delicious expedition style dinners and sharing stories from the day.

We will meet each day at camp.

Classes finish on Sunday at 4pm

We encourage you to bring all your own gear and boat. If you cannot, we can provide most of what you will need.  You should also bring what you need to be comfortable around the beach house.

If you are un-able to bring the items listed below please let us know as we can provide them if needed. We typiaclly provide immersion wear in the form of either a neoprene wetsuit or nylon drysuit with latex gasket seals and neoprene boots.

Only in the hottest summer months do we run courses without some form of immersion wear. The water is cold year round so you will need to bring layers to wear under the suits provided.

  • Camping gear including tent, sleeping bag, pad, and a chair.
  • Snacks
  • Sunglasses with retention device (i.e. Croakies, Chums, etc)
  • NO COTTON Synthetic top and bottom layers (thermal underwear, heavier wt. for cooler weather)
  • Nylon shorts and/or swimsuit for warmer days
  • Hiking style wool or synthetic socks
  • Water bottle
  • LUNCH small enough to pack into the boats
  • Towel and change of clothes for ride home

Optional Gear:

  • Water proof camera
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • River shoes or booties
  • Tow belt
  • Rescue gear
  • Spare Paddle
  • Bilge Pump

-Paddling Gear (if needed let us know)
-Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner
-Room to camp
-World Class Coaching

No transport to the coast will be provided. Please make arrangements to get yourself to the camp.

The Pacific Northwest is a dynamic and often unpredictable environment. All activities are run rain or shine. All programs are conditions dependent and may change at any time at our discretion. In order to keep our programs affordable a minimum number of participants may be required. If we are unable to fill a program to a minimum requirement level we reserve the right to cancel the program. A full refund will be provided in the event of a cancelled or re-scheduled activity upon request. Please allow 1 month notice for any cancellations or changes in your reservation. Just give us a call at 503-285-0464. Cancellations within 1 month of the program are NOT refundable.

  Please contact us with any questions you may have: