San Juan 5 Day kayak Expedition

Five Days   San Juan Islands – Paddle around San Juan island
Per person: $695 



Learn to expedition paddle.  Experience the beautiful San Juan Islands while paddling for 5 days by single kayak. Learn how to use tides and currents and navigate from camp to camp while paddling 5 to 15 miles per day.  On the San Juan 5 day kayak expedition you are challenged to rise to a new level of kayaking expertise.  Navigation, efficient boat packing, group management, boat control, paddle technique, personal meal planning & preparation and practicing rescues are all part of the itinerary.  If you are ready to take your sea kayaking to an exciting new level there is no better way than by participating in this 5 day expedition full of leadership training and paddling experiences.


Outline:  San Juan 5 Day Kayak Expedition

  • Explore the area around San Juan island traveling by single kayak
  • Distance touring of 8- 15 miles between camps depending on tides and currents
  • Develop the tools needed to plan & complete a multi-day journey of your own
  • Experience boat packing, food planning & preparation, navigation training, group safety, paddling in wind and waves, paddle technique and rescue skills. 

GEAR LIST: San Juan 5 Day Kayak Expedition



-Tennis shoes or wetsuit booties

-Kayak, pfd, skirt, paddle

-wet suit with paddle jacket or drysuit
-water bottle ( 1 quart )
-Sun cream (spf 15), chapstick
-Sun hat or visor
-1 pair nylon shorts or swim suit
-Security strap for eye glasses
-windbreaker and synthetic pile sweater


-Compact sleeping bag

-Inflatable air  pad
-Tent  – small backpack style
-1 pair walking shorts
-2 cotton T shirts
-Synthetic pile pants and jacket
-Rain coat and pants
-2 pair underwear
-Towel (small)
-Toilet kit
-Long sleeve shirt
-Sunglasses w/strap (chums or croakies)
-Insect repellent
-Flashlight w/spare bulb and batteries
-Spare eye glasses or contacts
-Shoes and socks

-small drybags to store personal gear


-Camera w/film, batteries, and dry storage
-Writing tablet and pen
-Fishing gear and license
-Crazy creek style chair (small)
-Musical instruments (check w/us to make sure it is appropriate)

San Juan 5 Day Kayak Expedition

BCU 3 star Syllabus:

Part A – Personal Paddling Skills

A.1 Lifting, carrying and launching/landing

A.2 Efficient forward paddling

A.3 Reverse paddling, stopping

A.4 Maintaining direction

A.5 Changing direction

A.6 Moving sideways

A.7 Supporting

A.8 Rolling

A.9 Securing

Part B – Rescue Skills

B.1 Deep-water rescue

B.2 Contact tows and use of towline

B.3 Eskimo rescue (self-rescue if using a sit-on-top)

Part C – Safety, Leadership & Group Skills

C.1 Personal risk management

C.2 Awareness of others

C.3 Paddle as part of a led group

Part D – Theory

D.1 Equipment

D.2 Sea safety

D.3 Weather

D.4 Hypothermia / first aid

D.5 Access

D.6 Environment

D.7 Planning

D.8 Group awareness

D.9 General Knowledge

D.10 Navigation, including;

• Basic recognition of main buoyage

• Basic knowledge of collision regulations and sound signals

• Ability to identify position by using a grid reference and a latitude and


• Use a compass to paddle on a bearing

• Ability to calculate distance and paddling time


Meal Program:

We break into groups of two and work as individual units for food preparation and consumption. Daily meals consist of approximately 3200 calories per person and are prepared with small propane stoves and backpacking pot/pan sets. A sample day of meals might look like this:

Dinner #1

Freeze dried Cheesy Lasagna


Salted Peanuts

Pecan Sandies

Dinner #2

Freeze dried  Santa Fe Style Chicken

Cracked Pepper Bread Pieces


Rice Krispie Treats


Dinner #3

Mexican Beef w/ Rice and Cheese

Refried Beans

Frito Lay Honey Roasted Peanuts

Strawberry Cheesecake

 Dinner #4

Freeze Dried  Chili Mac

Bacon Cheddar Bread Pieces

Honey Roast Cashews


Lunch #1

Town House Crackers

Canned Chicken

Planter’s Fruit and Nut Trail Mix

Jack Link’s – All American Combo

Mojo Bar- Mountain Mix 

Riptide Rush Gatorade

 Lunch #2

Wheat Thins

Justin’s Nut Butter – Chocolate Hazelnut

Planter’s Fruit and Nut Trail Mix 

Jack Link’s – Jalapeno Combo

Honey Stinger – Blueberry Buzz Bar 

Lemon Lime Gatorade


Lunch #3

Club Crackers

Justin’s Nut Butter – Honey

Sunflower Seeds

Jack Link’s – Teriyaki

Honey Stinger – Berry Banana Buzz Bar

Fruit Punch Gatorade

Lunch #4

Ritz Crackers

Squeeze Cheese – Jalapeno

Planter’s Cajun Trail Mix

Jack Link’s – Turkey Jerky

Honey Stinger – Orange Chews

Lemon Lime Gatorade

Lunch #5

Saltines Crackers


Planter’s Nut and Chocolate Trail Mix

Nutter Butters 

Honey Stinger Waffle – Honey

Fruit Punch Gatorade

Breakfast #2

Instant Oatmeal – Apples and Cinnamon

Pro Bar – Oatmeal Raisin


Squeezable Fruit – Apple Cinnamon

Grandma’s Cookie – Peanut Butter

Country Time Lemonade Mix

Breakfast #3

Freeze dried beef hash

Pop Tarts – Brown Sugar Cinnamon

Maple Almond Granola

Apple Chips

Breakfast Cookie – Oatmeal Raisin 

Goldfish Giant Grahams

Kool Aid – Peach Mango

Breakfast #4

Freeze dried  Breakfast Scramble

Stretch Island Fruit Strip – Apple

Olympia Granola – Honey Almond

Tang Drink Mix 

 Breakfast #5

Hormel Pepperoni Sticks

Clif – Honey Oat Crunch Bar 

Apple Chips

Quaker – Oatmeal To Go, Oatmeal Raisin 

Animal Crackers 

Tang Drink Mix

Alder Creek  provides dry bags for your personal gear and group gear for camp. We can also provide all boats, paddles, PFD’s.  If you have any questions about what to bring please contact us. Alder Creek has a full line of paddling equipment and accessories. We would be happy to assist you in getting outfitted for your trip. Please remember to keep your personal gear to a minimum, but keep your comfort in mind.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have chosen not to provide alcohol on our trips. If you would like to bring your own please feel free to do so, we will help with the storage and transportation. Aluminum, plastic and foil bags are easier to store than glass. We do not have alcohol on youth only trips.