SALE Boats – August 2017 – Kayaks and Canoes, Recreational, Sea, Day, Fishing, Whitewater

We have red-tagged quite a few SALE Boats this month!  Check out the list below to see our in-store specials on canoes, recreational kayaks, sit on top kayaks, fishing kayaks, day touring kayaks, sea kayaks, and whitewater kayaks!

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Hurricane Skimmer 116 Red
Hurricane Skimmer 116 Red

Wenonah Rendezvous (Tuff Weave) – $1799
Wenonah Solo Plus (Tuff Weave) – $1799
Wenonah Spirit II (Tuff Weave)$1899
Wenonah Escapade (Tuff Weave)$1799
Wenonah Escapade (Kevlar Ultralight) – $2199

Recreational and Sit-On-Top Kayaks
Hurricane Santee Sport 120$999
Hurricane Skimmer 116$999
Hurricane Skimmer 140T – $1099
Eddyline C-135$1899
Native Watercraft Manta Ray Propel – $1699
Native Watercraft Slayer 13 Propel$2199

Day Touring and Touring Kayaks
Stellar S12 (Advantage)$1599
Stellar S14 (Advantage)$1949
Stellar S16 with Rudder (Advantage)$2499
Stellar S16 with Rudder (MultiSport) – $2599
Current Designs Vision 150 with Rudder – $1999
Current Designs Infinity$2299
Tiderace Xcite$3499
Tiderace Xplore M$3499

Whitewater Kayaks
Soul District 11 (NEW) – $399
Jackson Kayak Fun (Used) – $699
Jackson Kayak 2 Fun$899
Jackson Kayak Zen, Small (Used) – $849
Jackson Kayak Karma, Small$899
Jackson Kayak Karma, Medium$999
Jackson Kayak Dynamic Duo$1199