With private instruction you have the opportunity to work on the skills you need help with. This is an opportunity for close examination of the physical techniques and mental requirements needed to progress as a paddler and master the skill of rolling.  We feel working in pairs or one on one with a certified instructor is the best way to learn to roll your whitewater or sea kayak or canoe!  We also offer 2 : 1 roll coaching so you can split the session with a friend.

With private lessons you have the opportunity to get  personalized feedback and close personal attention.  Alder Creek can arrange private instruction & guiding from any of our stores in Portland.  We usually use area open pool sessions for rolling in cooler weather.

If you have any questions about what to bring please contact us , We can provide  paddling equipment for your Private Lessons, Tours & Programs.  Alder Creek has a full line of paddling equipment and accessories. We would be happy to assist you in getting outfitted for your session.