For the strong intermediate sea kayaker looking to step it up.  We will explore what the Oregon Coast has to offer us day of… Depending on conditions we may see some sea caves and go rock gardening!

This full day class will take students paddling off the Oregon Coast!  We will look for rocks, caves, and waves to explore and play.  Depening on the conditions on the sea on the day of class we may be able to paddle into some of the most amazing caves on the Oregon Coast!  If the waves are too big for caving we will learn to play and manage the surf zone with more skill.  This is a fairly advanced level sea kayaking class so please make sure you are up to the challenge.  Email us at if you are not sure about your skills.

This is only offered in the summer because that is when we can get the best chance of small swell

-We will email you the meet up location prior to class

-Once we analyze the conditions and meet the crew we will form the plan

-We will spend the day learning, exploring, and have a blast on the Oregon Coast.  Activities may include things like Rock gardening, Sea Caving, Surfing, and anything else we can find along the way to play.

-Challenge by choice!  While everyone will need to have the skills to negotiate the surf zone to get off the beach, but once we are all outside the break we can find challenges and moves to make that will get students excited and challenged at their own level.

  • forecasting surf and weather
  • observation and recognition
  • identifying hazards and currents
  • selecting appropriate locations to play
  • learn to negotiate rocks, caves, and archways safetly
  • Swimming and rock and surf rescue practice
  • holding position and boat control
  • safe and controlled landings
  • rough water rock landings
  • and much much more!!!