Brent Williamson

Brent’s perpetual water odyssey began in the plentiful waters of Arkansas’s Ozark Mountains. Beginning with a healthy dose of “redneck boating,” his love of exploration and fireside friendships was sculpted during hazy multi-day canoe trips on America’s first National River- the Buffalo. After an unlikely and intimidating squeeze into one of those “tiny boats” (he now knows they are called kayaks), he followed his hometown river upstream to the small town of Buena Vista, Colorado where he worked several years on the Arkansas River as a trip leader for one of Colorado’s largest rafting outfitters. Pursuing westward, he ultimately found his home away from home in the mountains and rivers of the Pacific Northwest, even discovering new enjoyment in the most unlikely paddling location for a landlocked southerner- the ocean! Brent continues to share his passion and knowledge with fellow river rats and salty dogs through the stellar programs at Alder Creek.

    Alder Creek