Owyhee River Journals

Tuesday, May 6th
at Alder Creek’s Boathouse location
-3rd floor, Mt Adams Room

Owyhee River
Owyhee River Journals

Join writer Bonnie Olin for a richly-illustrated journey into the canyonlands of the Owyhee River in Nevada, Idaho, and Oregon.  Her presentation is based on her book, The Owyhee River Journals, which includes 125 color photos of rarely seen landscapes by photographer Mike Quigley, created over many years of travel together.  Very little is written about the Owyhee, so Ms. Olin will share a brief history of the area, discuss why it is unique and deserving of wilderness protection, and show a 20-minute video of an expedition into Deep Creek and the East Fork of the Owyhee.  Her presentation will be followed by a brief question and answer period.  Signed books will be available for sale, as well!

Check out Bonnie Olin’s website for the book HERE!

Call 503-285-0464 with questions!