Lumpy Waters 2015 VIDEO and Wrap Up

Lumpy Waters 2015!


Check out some photos from the event HERE or check out the Lumpy Waters Facebook page!

Lumpy Waters is a three day celebration of sea kayaking! With coaching aimed at advanced beginners, early intermediates, and advanced level paddlers, Lumpy provides an unparalleled opportunity to improve your skills on the beautiful Oregon Coast. Top coaches come from all over the world, making Lumpy Waters the premiere instructional destination for dynamic ocean paddling.

Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe presents their 7th annual Lumpy Waters Symposium held in Pacific City, OR. This year’s event took place from October 16th – 18th, 2015. This film had a 36 hour turnaround, was shot on Friday and Saturday of the event, and was presented Saturday night for the attendants. Film by Brent Williamson of Raging River Pictures (

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Chet Faker – Gold

Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – Stalling

Keller Williams – Vabeeotchay



Wrap-Up from Dave and Suzi:

Alder Creek would like to extend a HUGE thank YOU to the folks who make our Lumpy Waters Symposium possible!!

Every year the Alder Creek Lumpy Waters Symposium is a success due to people who make a GIANT effort.  First we couldn’t do it without the support staff who stay in Portland and run the stores, programs and work the Pumpkin Regatta!!  We have the best staff in the world and we truly appreciate the efforts made by the entire team.  Our retail staff, rental staff, guides, instructors and coaches work all year reaching out to folks with ideas and suggestions to improve their paddling skills or just more time on the water.  Paddlers encouraging other paddlers to reach for the limits and expanding their horizons by following a progression of skill building that leads a lucky group of people to Lumpy each year.

Thank you to our staff who believe!!

An ENORMOUS thanks to the coaches, staff and volunteers who are on site at Lumpy! Leading classes, assisting classes, filming, outfitting boats, loading boats, doing dishes, fitting helmets, working registration, organizing vehicles, driving shuttles, organizing students, organizing coaches, smiling, having fun and MAKING FUN happen. Endless work and Endless magic. Thank you.

A very special Thanks goes out to our manufacturers and vendors who support this event in ways too numerous to list. They truly make it possible and comfortable and certainly add a BIG FUN factor with the raffle items, beverage cups, drysuits, kayaks, hats, DVDs and endless schwag. Plus they are there to work and help which is priceless.
Thank you so much TEAM ALDER CREEK!

The Students are the MOST special part of Lumpy each year, bringing their enthusiasm and goals to the Oregon Coast with open eyes and rapidly beating hearts.
A brave bunch of paddlers putting their trust in the coach’s vision hoping for a break through moment or their first surf or improving their forward stroke or mastering that elusive roll.
Thank you for the chance to splash, cheer and laugh together.

See you next year!!

Thank YOU all
Dave and Suzi


Dave Slover
Suzi Elle
Suzi Elle


Some Positive Feedback:

My son and I both had an awesome time at our first but not last Lumpy Waters. The coaches, sponsors and kayak comunity make it impossible not to have the best learning and all-round good time of the year. Things I liked: 1. The quality of the coaches and their ability to share their skills with kayakers new to the surf environment. Fear to fun was perfect for that. 2. The venues were varried for novice and advanced paddler. Some very close to camp. I liked hearing the surf at night when going to sleep. 3. The afternoon happy hour and evening activities where a BLAST!! Thanks to the sponsors and enthusiastic coaches.
Things to improve, I would like to see fun and feed back increase to a full day. We ran out of time before we had a chance to practice some of what was taught. 2. Maps of the different venue locations. I got separated from the group due to stop lights and had a tough time finding the launch.
Thanks for a fantastic program,

Suzi, thanks to you and Paul for all the hard work you put in at Lumpy Waters. Being there for the first time made me appreciate all the logistical work behind it. I really enjoyed it and plan to return next year.
David S

Had a great time at Lumpy. Nick Cunliff was awesome. I would endorse his return.
By now you should be relaxed and relishing the accomplishment of a very successful Lumpy. You and Paul should be very proud.
Donna S

Excellent class. Chris did a great job. Thanks for making it happen.

Paul (and staff),
I had a great time at my first Lumpy. I couldn’t begin to offer suggestions for improvement. You guys have this put together so well- its an impressive experience to be a part of. Do the things you guys need to do to make the job easier on yourselves so we all can continue to benefit from such a valuable event.
The video preview was huge. Such a quality capturing of the feeling of what we were all involved in. I’m sharing it with everyone.
I look forward to many more Lumpy’s.
Thank you,
Kevin M

Thanks so much, Paul. First let me just say that Lumpy was awesome and I plan to return next year. I really appreciated the variety of options and the great venues and awesome coaches.
Again, thanks so much for all your work.

Suzi –
Just another quick shout out that I had a really enjoyable time (and learned a lot!) at both BCU week and Lumpy. Thanks to you and all of the Alder Creek team for putting on such an excellent event. I know you are recovering and have to be exhausted. I certainly appreciate all the work put in.
Thanks again for a wonderful event!

Now I can see why everyone talks about Lumpy. The entire weekend was superb–the boating, the coaches, the lodging, the food and your flawless organization.
Thanks much; hope to come back up next year.

I want to thank you for getting Jeannie involved in Sunday’s activities. She had fun.
Putting Lumpy on was certainly a high energy effort and without the energy it wouldn’t be as successful as it was. Quality of instruction and general support of participants with food and evening activities keeps all focused on why we are there. Thank you.

Hi Paul, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we enjoyed our time at Lumpy Waters. An amazing staff and great organization made this event really function. On top of that, the level of instruction was superb as was the level of comraderie. My Wife Claire and I were attending for the first time and we feel we gained so much kayaking knowledge as well as a great view of what it means to be part of the kayaking community. Thanks so much to you, the owners and of course Suzi and all the staff for making it happen. We are looking forward to next year. Mike

Paul, Dave and Suzi,
I wanted to thank you guys again for including me in your event. Very impressive again this year. I personally saw a lot of folks making big progress on their personal kayak skills in a short time. Your unique idea to allow so much real time changing to different classes goes a long ways toward creating a positive feeling towards the event.
Kim G

Suzi Just a super thanks for everything !

Suzi and Paul,
Thank you for a great event. I really enjoyed it.

Hey Paul,
Great event!
I’m looking at the questions you wanted answered and honestly can’t think of anyway to improve the event. Everything from the scheduling of classes to the wonderful people there would be hard to improve on. Thanks for letting me be part of this event! I would love to come back next year if there is room.

Hey Paul!
Just wanted to say thanks for inviting me up again, I had a blast and was happy to be a part of a great event. The classes went really well, Ryan and Malcom were great to work with and you have a great crew at Alder Creek too. I heard several students comment on how much they liked having lots of instructors on each class so they could get some more individualized instruction, and I think that worked really well in each class I was a part of. The Pub Quiz and the presentation were great, and having an open happy hour was a big hit. I think you guys have the entertainment down really well, it was great to see a really good venue where everything can be contained on site. I heard nothing but good feedback from students all weekend, people were really happy. I liked the duct tape on people’s helmets so the coaches could see names and how they placed themselves as a paddler. That was super helpful. Keep up all the great work, we will keep telling lots of students about Lumpy!

Magnificent job with Lumpy 2015!

Great conference, I plan on returning.
I liked courses, instructors, attendees, beer & atmosphere.
It was great ending on Sunday, attempting to surf at Netarts.
I want to get more surfing in this winter & hope to find someone from conference to go with. Maybe more lessons?
Best coaching experiences where when the coaches would adapt the lesson plan to each individual’s skill level.
Could be better: food.

Paul, Lumpy rocked. Last year was smooth, this year was pureed smooth. Can’t wait til next year!

I loved Lumpy and I’m very excited about my new Progression.

Thanks for putting together and amazing event; this year was great! Great coaches, great students, great classes and the ratio of coaches and assistant coaches and students was pretty amazing and made the challenging conditions possible!
I had a lot of fun and paddled my butt off and was thoroughly exhausted when i got home!