At Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe we strive to offer the best sea kayak classes and trips. Our instruction program is structured around the British Canoe Union system which is internationally recognized for its high level of quality and consistent standards. Our sea kayak classes and trips form a progressive learning system, which develop the skills needed for proficient paddling in a variety of conditions.

Introductory: No experience required to start. Our Basic Skills Kayak and Canoe classes introduce basic paddling skills and build an understanding of general “on the water” safety and environmental conditions. This class is a must for everyone who is curious about paddling.

Foundation: Prerequisite: Completion of the Basic Skills Kayak class. Foundation classes develop competent basic paddle strokes and maneuvers, wet exits and assisted re-entries, general trip planning and group interaction.

Refinement & Advancement: At Alder Creek we strive to offer classes that appeal to all skill levels. Refinement & Advancment classes focus on improving efficiency and effectiveness of strokes and maneuvers. They also teach students intermediate skills including, paddling in moderate current and waves, trip planning, and basic seamanship. If you are looking to go further in your paddling education, check out some of our more advanced offerings. This is where you will find our environment specific classes. Prerequisites vary depending on the class and the location.

Alder Creek Tours: We offer tours for those who want the security and convenience of having one of our staff members along to coordinate and lead your trip.We take care of you, the gear, and all the trip logistics. Along the way we offer basic instruction to encourage learning but mainly this is a way to see what paddling is all about. Experience nature, view wildlife, get exercise and have fun with family and friends.

British Canoe Union (BCU) Training & Assessments: People choose to pursue BCU Star Awards for a variety of reasons. They include the desire to gauge one’s level of paddling skills, the ability to adequately judge a person’s capacity to take on a given journey and the recognition of the human need to constantly challenge and improve ourselves. Our goal is to provide the tools for long term paddler development. The BCU Star awards: Training, Practice, Assessment and then on to the next level.

Alder Creek is proud to offer BCU 1 Star to 4 Star training and assessments in the new UKCC star award system.