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Learn to kayak, canoe and stand up paddle at Alder Creek. We offer world class coaching, guiding, and instruction from highly skilled and certified coaches. Our staff maintains the most current, best practice and employs the most up to date teaching techniques.  We have both ACA certified Instructors and British Canoeing / Paddlesport North America Certified Coaches on staff.  Paddling a boat is easy. Mastering the sport is a challenge. What are your goals?

We Have Kayak, Canoe, and SUP Classes for Everyone

At Alder Creek, our aim is to help you reach your goals by assessing your skills and providing you an educational program that is suited to your needs. Every program has been developed and refined to provide you with the skills needed to learn to paddle safely and effectively. Our FUN learning progressions are the key to solid skill building and will help you reach your goals at every level. Learn to Kayak, Canoe or Stand Up Paddle Today!

Never been on the water? Or perhaps you are a skilled athlete looking to up your game.  Our kayak, canoe or SUP programs, trips, and tours can help you learn to paddle in whitewater, calm lakes or on the sea. We offer a full line up of Stand Up Paddle Boarding classes,  it’s the newest way to get on the water and is growing fast. Canoeing is still the best way to get a family on the water or if you take your dog everywhere a canoe is just the ticket.  Rafts are more your speed?  No problem.  At Alder Creek, we have something for EVERYONE.

Learn to Paddle

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