Jackson Kayak Karma review

Whether you’re into paddling big water, big drops, big trips or if you’re just plain big, check out the Karma from Jackson Kayaks.  This brand new creek boat is an amazing combination of speed, stability and agility that is a perfect fit for the Pacific Northwest or anyone who wants a super versatile everyday whitewater boat.  Despite the unprecedented width and volume of the LG Karma (28” wide and over 100 gallons!), it’s still an incredibly fast and maneuverable hull that is capable of making the tightest moves with ease.  At 6’2” and 220 lbs, I had plenty of room to spare in the LG and yet was still able to drive this boat as easily as my old creeker.  The Karma features just enough edge to make carving turns, catching eddies and ferrying predictable and easy, yet it is soft and forgiving in swirly water and behaves like a true displacement hull when taking on steeper drops.  Ample nose rocker makes boofing a cinch (even in a 9’ boat), and it also does a great job of staying dry as you punch through larger features on the river.  The stern of the Karma is cavernous, which makes it beyond ridiculously stable and a great option for self support multi day adventures.  Fantastic cockpit ergonomics make the Karma a very easy boat to roll, and the easily adjustable outfitting makes it a versatile option that is easily adaptable to any kind of kit set up.  Like all Jackson kayaks, the only holes in the boat are the cockpit and drain plug, making it a warm, dry and comfortable ride.  All Jackson boats are backed up by the best warranty and customer service in the paddlesports industry; and with 3 sizes available for the Karma there’s something here for everyone.  Come demo one today and see for yourself, you won’t be sorry you did!

-Dave Trageser

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