Immersion Research K2 Union Suit

Let me just say that comfort is pretty darn important for anything, and the Immersion Research K2 Union Suit is my new favorite base layer for paddling.  Sure, I wore it like pajamas the day I got it, but it’s even better on the water than on the couch.


Coming from a mid-weight fleece onsie previously, I was skeptical about the warmth of the K2 suit.  It’s thin and light weight, but it’s still cozy warm.  This lightweight Polartec dries fast and insulates efficiently.  No zippers on it translate to less bulk under your suit.

It was about 40*F when I took it for a casual float down the river wearing my K2 suit, wool socks, and an extra mid-weight top.  I was cozy all day without ever raising my heart rate.  (IR’s Lucky Charm sprayskirt also kept my boat bone-dry, which helped, I’m sure, but this is one comfy fleece!)

Climbing in through the neoprene neck/yoke is strange to me, but I don’t notice it climbing into the suit anymore.  Even with wide shoulders, getting in is easy.  Getting out is a little trickier, admittedly.

If you’re in the market for some new base layers, Immersion Research’s K2 products are amazing.  Tops, bottoms, and union suits, K2’s will keep you cozy.

-Andrew Romanelli