Immersion Research Guide Shorts

Immersion Research Guide Shorts – The Toughest Budget Friendly Shorts

Let me tell you about my new Immersion Research Guide Shorts.

Immersion Research Guide Shorts Black Iris
IR Guide Shorts, shown in Black Iris color. Also available in Steel Grey.

Not all technical paddling apparel needs to stress your budget.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a piece of gear you can use for hot, summer floats, as well as for winter pool sessions?  What if this piece of gear didn’t wear out every year?  Admittedly, I had submitted to the idea of replacing my boardshorts each season as “quick-dry” tends to mean “falls apart”.

And then I got a pair of the Immersion Research Guide Shorts.  They get a lot of use as a stand-alone pair of shorts or throwing them on over a pair of neoprene bottoms.  Saltwater, freshwater, white- or flatwater, even chlorinated pool-water, I’ve been putting these suckers to the test.

The exceptionally tough polyester knit is crazy abrasion and tear resistant, and they won’t fade!  There’s no swimsuit liner to get bunched up, and the shorts themselves dry mighty quick.  A generous thigh pocket has a key tether and zips shut.  It’s great for stashing my phone, keys, and gas money when going out for the day.  A large crotch gusset doesn’t restrict me when climbing over rocks and logs, and the taller waist keeps my backside “canyon” covered.  IR even added a large grommet so you can clip your shorts with the rest of your gear or hang them out to dry.

Aside from being a comfortable, functional pair of shorts, my favorite feature is Immersion Research’s all-encompassing design approach:  RUGGED.  I’m going to have to abuse the heck out of these shorts to show any kind of wear, and, even then, they’ll still last me for years.

These shorts have quickly become a staple for our staff, and I’m excited about having this piece of technical apparel for many seasons.  Plus, that means I get to save money for a nicer paddle eventually.

Get your Immersion Research Guide Shorts HERE.

-Andrew Romanelli