The combat roll is an elusive but crucial skill that will open many doors and improve your confidence immensely.  Explore and practice the physical and mental techniques needed to pull rolls off EVERY time you need them.  We will discover how variation, bi-lateral repetition, and contextual interference can better ingrain the fundamental movements needed for rolling in dynamic water.  We will begin rolling in calm pools then move into more and more challenging rolling situations.  We are all between swims, but hopefully The Combat Rolling Class will make those swims less frequent and far less likely.

The course will begin with an indoor wave pool session during a week day evening.  We will develop your rolling abilities in dynamic situations focusing on Technique, Tactics, Psychological skills, and Psychological limitations and advantages in the safety and comfort of the calm pool before turing on the waves!  From there we test our skills at a local river (class II+) during the weekend river session.  Sea kayakers, whitewater boaters, and canoists are all welcome to participate!

We will be meeting at the North Clackamas Aquatic Park at 7pm

The class will culminate at a local river over a weekend day.  We should be done by early afternoon.

  • Retention device for your glasses(i.e. Croakies, Chums, etc) Synthetic top (thermal underwear)
  • Nylon shorts and/or swimsuit
  • Towel and change of clothes for ride home
  • Boat, Paddle, Spray Deck, Helmet, PFD, etc..

  • Pool Fees
  • Gear by request
  • Professional Coaching

  • Transport
  • food