Alder Creek’s Holiday Gift Guide

Alder Creek's Holiday Gift Guide

Alder Creek’s Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have trouble shopping for the paddler in your life? The staff here at Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe have the solution for you with our Holiday Gift Guide. This list has all of our favorite products we have in the store as well as the reasons we love them. With gifts at any price range, Alder Creek is your one stop shop for anything paddlesports this holiday season. 


Stocking Stuffers ($5-$20):


Does your canoe or kayak not have a cupholder? Look no further than the Can-panion. Attach it to your gunnel or coaming and you will never be dehydrated again.

Canoe Keyring:

The perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who wants to show off their passion for canoeing. 

Roller Cam-Straps:

The Alder Creek staff have a saying, “ You can never have too many cam-straps”. If you aren’t sure what to get the boater in your life, a set of nice cam-straps is never the wrong way to go.

Kayak Sport Deck Balls: 

Have trouble storing away your paddle when you need your hands on the water? These deck balls from Kayak Sport are great for easily securing your kayak paddle to the deck of your kayak.

Travelon Waterproof Phone Case:

This affordable phone case is a great gift to anyone who needs help keeping their phone off the bottom of the river. This case has a secure roll-top style seal as well as built in floatation to keep your phone dry as possible. 


White Elephant Gifts ($20-$50):

Luci Light:

The new Pro Outdoor 2.0 Lantern from Luci is a great gift for anyone who does regular overnight trips on the water. This inflatable waterproof light charges on the go with built-in solar charging, can last up to 50 hours with a full charge, and has a USB port to charge your phone or any other electronic device on the go.

Northstar Knee Pad:

Looking to make kneeling in your canoe a more comfortable experience? These knee pads from Northstar offer comfortable closed cell foam padding with a sticky rubber backing that won’t slide even if it gets wet. 

Nomadix Towels:

When you give someone a Nomadix towel you are making sure they never need to purchase a towel again. Each towel is made with recycled plastic bottles, dries quickly, is sand / dirt resistant, and comes in a super stylish pattern. 

Alder Creek Merch ( Hats / Shirts ): 

Have you ever wanted to look as cool as our instructors look out on the water? Our various shirts and hats are great gifts to upgrade your style on the water with the bonus of supporting your favorite local kayak shop. 

Paddle Clutch:

Gearlab’s new Paddle Clutch is Alder Creek’s new favorite way for securing your spare paddle to the deck of your kayak. The Paddle Clutch easily secures to the perimeter lines of your kayak with their new clip system, and features a quick release buckle that allows you to still have access to your storage compartments.


You Must Really Like Them ($50-$100):


Some people love the warmth of gloves but not the feel on the paddle. Pogies are basically mittens that are attached to your paddle, which means you don't need gloves to stay warm and you can feel the indexing of your lovely paddle. Adding less bulk to your hands but keeping you warm on a chilly day of paddling.


A staff favorite here at Alder Creek, made of mostly mesh they drain very quickly and are very comfortable. The Astral Loyaks are made similar to a normal shoe compared to a standard paddling shoe. So they have removable insoles, laces and can be low profile to fit in almost any boat. They come in many colors and styles to make you look and feel the best when out on the water.

Bending Branches Loon:

The Bending Branches Loon Canoe paddle is their entry level paddle made of Basswood and Maple wood and an oversize shaft it feels as good as it looks. The Loon comes in all the standard canoe paddle lengths and would be great for a new paddler or a young paddler just starting out. Bending Branches also thought about the durability of this paddle by giving it their Rockguard treatment on the tip to keep this paddle lasting as long as possible. 

Alder Creek Gift Certificate:

Not sure what to get your paddling partner? A gift certificate is a great way to show you care but allowing them to choose what they truly need. Either being a class, refreshing gear or putting towards a new boat a gift certificate can be a key to help unlock the paddling world.

Channel Loader:

The Malone Channel Loader is a great addition to your kayaking vehicle! If you are vertically challenged or go boating alone often, this product suction cups to the back of your vehicle and helps assist you rolling your kayak up your vehicle and over spoilers or body lines. It can easily be stored in your trunk or hatch when not in use and comes off or put on in less than ten seconds.


I Can't Believe You Got Me This ($100-$300):

Aquaglide Electric Pump:

This small but mighty 2-stage Pump makes filling up your SUP board a breeze. Not only is it fast but it will bring your board up to proper pressures and get you from in your car to on the water way faster!

Level 6 Duke Dry Top:

Want to be the best dressed paddler on the water, look no further, comfortable and well fitting with some great colors to match your boat. Made out of Level Six's ExHaust 2.0 fabric, it is lightweight and breathable to help you stay comfortable on the water.

Watershed Ocoee Dry Bag:

This is a bomb proof bag that should be with you on any or all your water adventures. With Watershed ZipDry closure you don’t need to worry about anything in this 10L bag getting wet, whether that be your lunch, emergency kit or spare clothes.

Bending Branches Explorer Plus Paddle:

This beautiful and durable paddle can last you years of water time with its Rockguard edge and 4 oz. of fiberglass wrapped around the basswood core. This paddle can do it all, from day trips to multi day trips, first paddle or adding it to a collection, you will find a spot for this lovely paddle.

Union Suit/Onesie Base Layer:

Looking to stay warm on cold days on the river, the Union Suit is the way to go. Kokatat, Level Six and Immersion Research all have their own take on this amazing one piece design. Cozy, comfortable, with relief opens you can go from your couch to the water all in one Union Suit.


Why Did You Buy Me This ($300- $500):

Slingshot Crossbreed Airtech:

Looking for your first, second or third SUP? The Slingshot Crossbred has you covered, weighing less than 30lbs you can take it almost anywhere.  And as a full package (board, pump, paddle and repair kit) it makes a great gift to those who might be hesitant to get out on the water.

Astral Greenjacket:

The Alder Creek staff favorite, this PFD can do it all, from flatwater to whitewater, solo, multi day adventures or at the lake with friends. It's comfortable, has lots of pockets for storing whatever you might need and is built to last.

Gearlab Kalleq:

Greenland sticks are on the rise due to the low impact on your body and ease of use. The Kalleq is a lightweight and durable option for those who want to try a new style of paddling. The Kalleq comes in a two piece design and has replaceable tips, if for some reason you might smack one too many rocks.

Werner Powerhouse 4-Piece:

The Werner Powerhouse is a time tested design, and having a 4-piece breakdown paddle can be the difference between walking out or paddling out. Or if you want to hike in with a packraft or inflatable kayak this would be a great choice for you.

Solara 100:

The Solara 100, is the baby of this line from Current Designs, at only 10 feet long and 28 inches wide it makes a great first boat for any adult or child. The seat in this boat is super adjustable and will be able to fit you perfectly, and having a large cockpit rim makes it very easy to get in and out as well.


Treat Yourself ($500 and up):

Kokatat Meridian Suit:

The Kokatat Meridian is the gold standard of drysuit in kayaking, latex neck and wrists with a large front zipper and smaller relief zipper to help you stay comfortable and dry on the water. The Meridian also has a built-in over tunnel for mating with your splash deck and keeping water out of your boat. Available in multiple colors and sizes for both men and woman's cuts you will find the size you need to start enjoying year round paddling.

Northstar B16 IXP:

The Northstar B16 is the swiss army knife of canoes, and being built in a lightweight lay up definitely helps. At 16 feet long and 35.5 inch, if you are a solo paddler, family paddler or just looking for something that can hold everything and the kitchen sink, this is the canoe I would recommend.

Eddyline Sitka:

The Sitka comes in three different sizes (ST, LT, XT) to be able to fit paddlers of any size. The Sitka is a great introduction to touring kayaking whether it is day trips or weekend trips. Eddyline makes all their boats out of a thermoform plastic they call Carbonlite that makes it lightweight and durable, plus their seats have lots of adjustment.

Moken 10 Lite V2:

At 60 lbs., 10’2” long and 30” wide this is one of the smallest and lightest Feelfree kayaks on the market today. And to make it even more convenient the Moken 10 Lite has their wheel in the keel feature. Plus for all day comfort the large EZ Rider Chair lets you be on the water for as long as you want.

Werner Carbon Kalliste:

The name Werner gave this paddle comes from the Greek word meaning “best” which they definitely got here. A light, strong and stiff paddle for your flatwater adventures, the Kalliste has a foam core verse a standard spine which makes it pop out of the water with each stroke lessening the strain on your shoulders as you paddle. This paddle also has Werner hand fitted Smart View Adjustable ferrule and comes in two shaft diameters a small and standard and with lengths from 220 to 260 to find the perfect fit for you.


That's all for the holiday gift guide! If you want to shop the whole collection click the link here.

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