ACA Instructor Certification.  Learn to teach kayaking in this intense 5 day workshop – ACA Instructor Certification.

Course Description: The American Canoe Association (ACA) has one of the best established paddlesport instruction programs anywhere in the world.   The courses are comprehensive, but allow enough flexibility for individual teaching and paddling styles.  The main benefit to taking the course is improving your understanding of paddling technique and theory, so you can paddle more efficiently and teach more effectively.  A secondary benefit is the development process which can give you structured feedback on becoming an effective instructor.  A third benefit are the significant insurance, liability, and networking benefits of ACA certification.  Instructor development workshops are very rewarding and enjoyable, because of the opportunity for idea exchange.

Level 4 Whitewater Kayak:  This is a instructor development workshop and an instructor certification exam (IDW/ICE) for level 4 Whitewater.  ACA courses are structured for several levels of certification for instance: Level 2 Essentials of River Paddling, Level 3 River Kayaking, and L4 Whitewater.  Our courses are targeted at instructors who expect to be teaching on whitewater.  However, this is no guarantee that you will earn that level of certification.  Not everyone will receive “Full” whitewater instructor certification, especially if this is their first exposure to formal paddling instruction.   No worries!  There are means for upgrading within a year.