Paul KutheRole:  Programs Manager / Guide / Instructor
Location:  Portland

Paul Kuthe: The Pacific Northwest provides a training ground that rivals those found almost anywhere in the world. It is there that Paul crafts his own skills, as well as those of his fellow paddler. As Program Director at Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe, he enriches the paddling experiences had by all who share the water with him. Whether it’s dropping class V creeks or paddling out to surf a big set… combining a love of paddling big water, and traveling deep into the wilderness allows Paul to adapt and excel in varied conditions. Paddling has always been, and will continue to be, an escape, a livelihood, and a way of life. He lives to boat.

Paul Kuthe came to Alder Creek in 2004 at age 20 as an ACA certified whitewater instructor and worked his way up to the demanding job of Program Director. He credits the BCU (British Canoe Union) for most of his modern coaching abilities. He is a Level III BCU whitewater Coach and a 5 star sea leader. He brings 20 + years of participating, teaching, and promoting paddle sports to the diversified job of planning, organizing and directing the educational realm of Alder Creek. Building and nurturing ALL paddling communities by studying many diverse disciplines and improving safety awareness has been a career goal for Paul. Whether creek boating, canoeing, slalom racing, or sea kayaking, he feels a kinship to those who share his passion for our waterways.

Greatest Achievements:

I got Kate to Marry Me!!! Despite having paddled some of the most demanding rivers anywhere from a young age and making appearances in numerous paddling films including projects that have taken him to the very brink of what can be done in a sea kayak for National Geographic, and even gracing the pages of the NY Times in defense of free flowing rivers; Paul still feels that his greatest achievement has been carving out a viable living in this crazy business that allows him to spread the joys of paddling to people from all walks of life, while creating positive change for both the individuals participating in the sport, and the waterways we all love and depend on.


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