Andrew BrownRole: Sales, guiding, instruction

Location: Portland

Andrew Brown grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and started paddling seriously in the early ‘90s competing in the Cape’s K1 racing circuit for a couple of seasons for the University of Cape Town. After discovering that white water paddling was a lot more fun, he went on to work as a white water rafting guide and safety kayaker on the Great Usuthu and Zambezi Rivers. Over the years, in a racing K1, surf ski, white water boat, raft, or sea kayak, he has paddled many of Southern Africa’s rivers, lakes, estuaries and more interesting stretches of coastline.

Since moving to Portland a few years ago, he discovered latex neck gaskets and Alder Creek, and is working on checking off the long list of amazing paddling destinations the Pacific North West has to offer. He loves going places you can only get to by kayak, and introducing people to the joys of kayaking. On weekends, when he’s not on the sales floor or guiding trips for Alder Creek, you can usually find him out on one of the local lakes or rivers taking his young family canoeing, or otherwise somewhere in the PNW on a kayaking adventure.

Best paddling adventure to date / favorite places to paddle: Source to sea trip on the Great Usuthu River, dodging hippos and crocodiles in a remote untouched part of southern Africa. Sea kayaking the coastal islands of Mozambique. The San Juan’s are nice too.

Certifications: Andrew is climbing the BCU ladder and currently holds a BCU 3 star sea certification.