Amanda CantalRole:  Instructor / Guide
Location:  Portland

Amanda Cantal is a recent addition to Portland, as well as the team at Alder Creek. Amanda began kayaking on the rivers in Northern Wisconsin, before eventually guiding as a sea kayak instructor on Lake Superior. Drawn to the profession by her love of remote wilderness areas, Amanda worked for the National Outdoor Leadership School for the past five years. Amanda focused on both land and water based expeditions in Alaska, Patagonia and finally enjoying the warm water paddling in Baja, Mexico. Amanda has also pursued her other career interest in Buddhist Psychology and currently works as a psychotherapist in Portland. In regard to teaching, she states, “I really feel passionate and enjoy teaching kayaking just as much as I love learning about kayaking. I love the history of the sport and perspective it can offer considering there are many amazing and beautiful places I have been that are accessible only by kayak.” Amanda is looking forward to exploring the seemingly endless paddling destinations here in the Northwest.


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