“Last weekend I attended the Full Immersion 1 Class with Chris. I want to send a heart felt, “Thank You”, for a great class and an awesome instructor. From the first minutes in the pool Thursday night to take the out Sunday afternoon, Chris was always the instructor with tips, advice, knowledge and a positive attitude.

I'm not good with names but Sunday another instructor (Andrew) joined us with past students and he also was extremely on his game with ideas and challenges. It was great having the company on our paddle and each person seemed to add to the experience.

I also want to thank staff in helping me get the right gear and boat. I used it all and felt very comfortable in the purchase. I'll always be back for classes and gear.

Oh, and thank you for loaning me the dry suit and a pair of booties. I’ll have them hanging up cleaned and dry and will bring them back that way when my new suit comes in.

Thank you all ”
“Thank you for your generous donation to the White Salmon Riverfest and Symposium. The event was a huge success! Thanks in part to you, we were able to raise money for conservation efforts on the White Salmon River.

We appreciate your support!”
“I was given the very popular Groupon for a tour of Ross Island for my husband and I, but found out you guys were booked solid through July, the month you extended it to! I found a spot on your website for August 3rd and Paul kindly let me apply my Groupon, adding that he hoped we had a great time, and he was glad to hear we were so excited.

Thank you, Paul, for going out of your way to make my day!”
“Thank you for a fun SUP basic skills class! Andrew was a great instructor!”
“Thom and Susan Dickerson, got immersed at Alder Creek introduction class. We are glad we got more instruction on rolling over, rolling out, and rolling back in our kayaks. Also dumping the water out. 🙂 Thanks to Steve & Alex for their great teaching skills and help.”
“Lessons with Alder Creek Kayak & Canoe last month were an amazing value and super friendly staff! Definitely want to team up with them at an event in the future :)”
“Thanks for taking the time with me. You always offer such a great education piece on all my questions.”
“Brian and I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how very much we enjoyed the Full Immersion II Sea Kayak class this past weekend. Malcolm and Steve are a terrific team.

This is our third class with Malcolm. His knowledge, skills, patience and gift for teaching continue to impress us. Steve was an invaluable addition - his obvious love of the sport is positively infectious.

The two and a half days provided us with plenty of practice to sharpen familiar skills such as boat control, edging and group awareness. We also learned a whole new set of skills including reading tides and conditions, towing, bracing, getting in and out of the waves plus my personal favorite - surfing!

Each member of the class contributed to the energetic atmosphere. Everyone took Malcolm's advice to channel their inner 12 year old, relax and have fun. Clearly there is method to his madness - I'm pretty sure the soggy sponge fight was intended to accomplish more than just cool us down and set everyone laughing. We all ended up putting those new maneuvering skills to the test.

Once again, the Alder Creek program has exceeded our expectations. Please pass our sincere appreciation to both Malcolm and Steve. ”
“I just finished the Basic Kayak Skills with Alex and wanted to let you know I had a great time. I had a couple classes several years ago with mixed feelings about the adventure. Now I am ready to go out again ASAP. Alex was terrific, helpful, supportive and fun. Thank you for a great experience.”
“On behalf of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, THANK YOU for your generous support to this year's 25th Anniversary Celebration and Alice Awards & Auction.

Your donation of an Alder Creek Kayak SUP Class for 2 brought in $128, an important contribution towards the $16,227 raised through the silent auction.

Thank you for all your support!”
“I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time during the Ross Island Kayak Tour this past weekend. This was my first time kayaking ever (I know, I know, I'm from San Diego and have never been in a kayak...). I am going to be honest and I did not pick it up quickly! I was going in circles and just couldn't get a hang of it for what seemed like forever. Luckily, we had two tour guides and they decided to split the tour so I could learn without holding up the entire group. Patty stayed behind and gave me a ton of tips and tricks to help me get my bearings... I just wanted to say how AWESOME Patty was the entire time. Very patient and encouraging which really helped! I was cruising down the Willamette in no time. Thank you Patty & Alder Creek...you guys are awesome and will be using your services again next time we're in PDX!”
“Thanks for a great class (Full Immersion Whitewater 1), I loved it! Looking forward to lots more practice, please e-mail or call if you want to meet up and do it together!”
“It was a great Basic Skills Kayak class and we learned a lot. Nolan did a fabulous job and was so patient with us. We certainly will take another class.”
“I recently completed the Full Immersion II sea kayaking class (July 31st - Aug. 3rd) and i just wanted to make a couple of quick comments.

I felt like the instructors were excellent.  Malcolm Kelly, in particular, was impressive to me based not only on his skill level but also in his professional approach to managing the class.  He is quite personable yet resolved in his commitment to ensure the safety of the group and to raising the skill level of each of his students.  Although Dennis Pennell was the secondary instructor, I found that he was quick with clear suggestions for improvement and I enjoyed his help and presence.  I would not hesitate to recommend Malcolm and/or Dennis to friends looking for a kayaking class.

Overall, it was a great weekend with varying conditions and even a guest appearance by a whale.  Many thanks to Malcolm and Dennis for a memorable couple of days and to Alder Creek, in general, for the help and service I received this summer.”